“ What the world needs is a good haircut,” said Loretta, taking a breakfast order two tables over from Robert. Looking up from his morning paper he smiled and appeared as if he had not heard the comment. ISIS was beheading, Americans were spying and Obama was wooing a Saudi despot. Yeah, a haircut he thought; makes sense! It was only after he left the restaurant, had driven to work and addressed a stack of paperwork that her words came back as freshly as if she had just said them. “ What the world needs is a good haircut.” Thought grenades like that get planted in our heads all the time. Pass any two people and you run the risk of catching conversational word muffins that you will mentally munch on all day long! Never fully grasping the contexts of the conversation that created them. But other word grenades burrow in and lie in the folds of our inguinal passages quietly waiting for the right moment to take over our thoughts and there is no escape. “ What did she mean by that? “ What would happen if the world got a good haircut?” Eventually the words reappear in our conversations innocently enough, like they did that night at dinner when Robert repeated them to his wife and young son. Thinking they too would chuckle at the phrase that had haunted his day, his eight year old remarked. “ Makes sense to me Dad.” “ And how is that, he replied?” “ Well, everyone feels better after they get their haircut. I think she was saying everyone in the world might feel better about life and themselves if they got a good haircut.” Looking toward his wife, he dropped his own word grenade. “ Out of the mouth of babes!”