A warm gun rested inside the folds of Lamar’s hoodie as the adrenaline rushing through him made his hundred thirty pound frame feel like it was ten feet tall and bulletproof. Two gang brothers were outside warning a taxi driver to move on and Lamar was looking for the only other eyewitness that may have seen them shoot Milo in the street. The cab had done the one thing no one else had bothered to do when the shots were fired: stop. Finding the sprinter who had vaulted out of the cab was Lamar’s job and it did not take long to do so. The potential witness was still calmly talking on the telephone he had when he left the cab, only now he was buying an expensive coffee at a Kiosk. If getting coffee was that important maybe he saw nothing thought Lamar. Walking towards the man to see if he might react in seeing Lamar he watched as the witness placed the coffee down on the kiosk, pay for his drink and then proceed to tell the barista his story. “ So like I am closing the deal of my life to make this a better neighborhood and right in front of my eyes these three punks with a gun shoot a guy.” “ Wow! You better call the police?” said the barista. “ I guess so.” Then turning and walking away Robert felt a pinch in his back and a nudge from a person walking by him in a hurry. As the hoodie shot through the revolving doors Robert looked down and saw what appeared to be a red bloodstain growing on his pants leg. Dropping the latte’ and feeling as if this was a dream, he suddenly felt faint and the room beginning to spin.