Three ambulances arrived at All Saints Remembered Hospital shortly after four in the afternoon. Thanks to cellular communications hospital staff had already typed and cross matched blood supplies for the arriving patients and initiated the paperwork needed for their admission. Additionally, admissions staff that afternoon had even reserved beds in the hospital for all three pursuant to their determined needs after their emergency room examinations. Then as is often the case when dealing with emergency arrivals everything went south in a hurry; the heart attack Robert having been revived in the ambulance suddenly flat lined and could not be resuscitated. He expired at seven twenty. An investigation would later reveal Robert had been placed on a gurney in the hallway while staff checked records for next of kin and insurance providers. The large three hundred pound man on the gurney resembled a mushroom that had somehow gotten lost during the four o’clock shift change. The elderly gunshot victim Milo was stabilized in the ambulance, but an intern determined that given Milo’s age and the amount of blood already lost surgery would be too risky for him. Milo was transferred to the hospitals step down nursing unit for observation where later that night a student nurse gave him the wrong blood type and he passed. Finally, the third arrival witness Richard was recommended for immediate surgery and prepped for OR six. The surgery saved his life, but he contracted a “Necrotizing Fasciitis” infection and after one hundred and twenty days in the hospital expired. Some say life has no moral to it while others insist every one of us is part of a plan. We live. We die. We do one pretty poorly and we do one for keeps. In Milo’s pocket was an uncashed check for eighty thousand dollars.