Injustice quietly sat reading the newspaper outside of the courtroom as the jurors filed into the conference room for deliberations. Discussions regarding the latest piece of introduced evidence would for certain be their main topic of conversation. The new evidence, henceforward-in court proceedings designated as, “ Document Three Sixty Four,” was now officially something they had to deal with. Introduced on the final day of what they had been expecting to be the start of closing arguments, this lined out in black marker redacted sheet of extremely expensive watermarked weighted paper had appeared out of nowhere and none of them were happy about it’s discovery. Found just yesterday loosely placed in a stack of unchecked material gained a year ago in discovery, or so said the prosecutor, the document had the potential to change three years of lawyering, disclosure hearings and the final verdict. It was a smoking gun everyone knew had the power to turn this train wreck of injustice into a mistrial. The judge could not ignore it. Unbeknownst to the court; this single page was just a ruse by the prosecutor to buy some time for more negotiating. Delays of this sort in the eyes of lawyers are like free cash. Clients can complain all they want about the lack of expediency in the court system but in most cases no judge can avoid granting stays, lest he find himself guilty of giving one side or the other a reason for mistrial. Witnesses die, move, and forget as negotiations reduce the need and importance of truth to an amount written on a check. Final outcomes are almost anticlimactic. As a juror left the deliberation room to go to the bathroom Injustice yawned, looked at her watch and realized her new Apple timepiece had no hands on it.