Margery slammed the door behind her before unexpectedly beginning to mouth obscenities and a series of hand gestures concerning what they could do with their welfare checks. Making as much noise as possible exiting the marble lined corridor on the second floor of the welfare building she felt totally discouraged and not surprisingly totally ignored. Upon reaching the glass doors at the end of the hall she shouted; “I’ll never come back here again. I’ve had enough of this shit.” Her temper slowly melted into remorse with each step she took descending to the first floor and by the time she had reached the bottom step Margery was in full regret. Fumbling inside her purse for a tissue she saw her cell and said out loud, “some cell.” With only so many minutes allotted for use on her welfare dime, each call she made was either for necessity or emergency. There was no calling anyone to complain about welfare personnel or the system that had just denied her a week of benefits because she had been forced to work a double shift to keep her job. After putting the tissue back into her purse she noticed a group of people waiting to get their drivers licenses chatting away on cell phones to god knows who. Yeah, that is what you do if you have money she lamented; just bullshit the day away anytime you have time to kill. Shortly after exiting the building and getting on a city bus she noticed an advertisement for the latest Apple offering; a watch costing as much as four thousands dollars! Thinking that with four thousand dollars she could get off welfare and never collect welfare checks again made her feel a bit better but she knew that was not happening anytime soon.