She sighed, annoyed to be hearing the same directive again. “Please, give me a break will you doctor. I have two kids; a husband who thinks his new job is to hold down the couch since he got fired and a brother who lives in my basement and watches porn all day. If my cholesterol and stress levels are high enough to enter me in the Miss Universe Contest, I got reason.” Reaching for his prescription pad the OB/GYN began to write something down, but before he could finish she spoke in a soft interruptive manner. “No need to order me anything. I make just enough to get by and feed everybody. There is no room for medicine; at least not for me. God forbid one of the kids gets sick.” Closing the pad as quietly as he had opened it, he sat back on his stool and crossed his hands contemplating his next words carefully. “Okay, here is how it is. You, not we, have either got to get this cholesterol down and your weight back in line to at least mildly obese or not having any money will be the least of your problems. Your brother lives in your basement and watches porn all day? Unreal.” A half an hour later while sitting in the drive thru at a local fast-food establishment she contemplated what she could do to loose weight and treat her body a bit better. Getting out of this line might help, but calories are cheap and fresh veggies are not. Then with a smile she remembered that someone once told her, OB/GYN, stood for. “Oh boy got you naked!” Placing her order and returning back home no one asked her how her appointment had gone; except to point out the fries were cold.