“I got an old nose,” he said as he stood before the mirror. Half listening as she washed her face three feet away she turned off the water, picked up a towel, patted her forehead dry and added, “ Your ass looks pretty old too, if one is doing an inventory! ” Turning away from the mirror and toward her he offered a large frown but said no more. After he finished washing and brushing he then gently patted his own skin dry in a dainty series of mocking motions before offering her a silent response. “ My ass looks old? You should talk, miss double cheek chunky monkey butt!” Flipping the light switch off as he exited the bathroom he crawled into bed and quietly adjusted his position for comfortability before quickly falling into a deep sleep. Startled hours later by booming detonations and flashes of lighting from an approaching thunderstorm he arose hurriedly from the bed and retuned to the bathroom. His nose, not the storm was his concern. Once he shut the door gently behind him he turned on the light and pressed his face within six inches of the mirror hoping that what he had seen before was some kind of an illusion or bad dream. His hopes were all too soon dashed. For upon close examination it truly was an old nose. Stepping back away from the mirror and leaning back against the bathroom wall a voice from the bedroom called out, “ I was just teasing, your ass is not old!” Turning off the light and getting back into bed, old nose and all he reached out his hand and took hers. “ Will you still love me when all the parts are old, he queried? “ “ Only if you love mine.”