Abby sighed and took a moment to dab at the sweat drizzling down her neck with a used tissue she had found beneath the car seat. Perspiration was beginning to puddle between her breasts and luckily she had caught it before it left a mark. She was an hour early for her appointment and had planned to wait in the car but the heat of the day had turned her car into a pop up oven. But before getting out she turned the rearview mirror to the side to check her makeup. The woman looking back at her she hardly recognized. There was a time she turned heads with just the simple nonchalant walk down a hallway anywhere in corporate America; but she doubted she could do that anymore. After pinching her cheeks like her mother did to make them a bit rosier and pursing her lips together to make the lipstick look moist and fresh she pushed back squarely in the car seat and took a deep breath to calm down. Once settled she readjusted the small rearview mirror back to a it’s driving position then suddenly thought to herself that maybe looking into a rearview mirror to see the present was a strange thing to be doing. What was she doing here in clothes that were too tight with a resume that had not been updated in twenty years and dreaming that maybe she was the one that these corporate execs had been waiting for? A magazine sitting on the seat beside her contained a polled survey of high level corporate types that said middle aged women getting back into the workforce after divorce, death of husbands and after kids leaving home where the new bedrock of corporate America. Abby did not feel like she was bedrock.