A ghostly droning diesel engine plying its way down the muddy Ohio awoke him long before it was even close enough to see. From his perch tucked up under the bridge wing of this interstate highway he had quickly discovered fog amplifies all sounds. So much for a quiet nights sleep. Twice during the night, bridge girders snapped so loud he was jolted awake thinking a gun had just gone off. Rats, running around on girders were another thing he had not counted on and in the last hour they had stopped and were just sitting there staring back at him; as if it was a contest. He was glad the crumpled knapsack beneath his head had stayed dry, but if he had to make a quick escape he was in trouble. You see, crawling up here at dusk last evening he had given little thought that there might be a problem getting back down. But now he realized morning dew had turned the mossy green algae covering the bridge cement abutments into a slip and slide! Homeless and under a bridge for the night was not the worst thing that could happen but being pulled from the river as a dead John Doe would be. He thought about the shelter he could have stayed in last night and chalked his decision to move on as another in a long line of bad ones. The barge was now just a hundred yards off shore and for a second he imagined swimming out and hitching a ride. Hell if those Somali jokers can take over an ocean going ship with nothing more than a rope and a ladder, he should be able to catch a tug pushing empty barges. He let the thought pass; he never had learned to swim.