Thunder rolled out through the valley under the click, click, and clack of a train on the rails above the river. Shortly after Samuel had gotten down from his perch underneath the bridge overpass he found himself walking along the edge of the river. The train was slowing down to make its way into the city and he thought maybe he could try to catch it. Beat the shit out of drowning; trying to swim to a barge he thought, but with one game leg too many he was not catching a train either. Shit, just jumping up into an empty car would be too much; who was he kidding. Following the riverbed another thirty yards he came to a small boat dock which had steps that took him up to a road and he slowly made his way back into town. Cars zipping by paid little attention to him and twice he was nearly clipped by some asshole in a big SUV. As they passed he could see the drivers chatting away on cell phones. Shortly before two he was back at the door of the Sisters of Mercy Mission, as they were getting ready to close the doors. “ You almost didn’t make it,” one volunteer said as she locked the door behind him when he entered. Smiling a toothless grin, Samuel without speaking made his way over to the lunch line and took a tray. He was hungry but the sandwich, cookies and soup had no taste. He ate in silence and put two packs of cookies in his pocket. The room had several other regulars in it but none spoke or acknowledged him. When he was finished he placed his tray on the counter and made his way to the door. He left without notice.