Names Felix Navidad, private detective Holiday section, Calendar town USA. Mary Christmas was waiting in my lobby Christmas Eve. No surprise; her time of year. My secretary Holly Day showed her in. I felt a chill in the air. I could see she was worried. Yule forgive me she said, then sneezed! Bad cold? No, allergies; they are seasonal! I offered her my kerchief, and adjusted my cap; I had just awoken from a long afternoon nap and was snacking on a couple of cookies and glass of milk. How can I help? She said she was from Bethlehem Pennsylvania and her father Chis Cringle was missing. A real card of a guy and she was not sure if he had gone caroling and forgotten to come home or wrapped his car around a pole somewhere up north. Caroling? Yeah, Carol is a bell ringer he knows; they had a thing. Find one you find the other! She offered a list of places they might be; some naughty some nice. I told her I would check it twice. I did Internet searches on him and found he gets around. Everywhere, but where I wanted him. Lots of traces of him under lots of aliases; Pere Noel, Papa Noel, Babo Natale and my favorite, Santa Clause! It was not long until I found them in Philadelphia at the closed Hostess factory. He was gathering up cookies and cakes, for kids all over the world. I told him his daughter was looking for him. She should know better he said; he had work to do. So with a Twinkie in his mouth and a Carol in his sleight, he bid me a good night, a smile and a Ho Ho to munch on and wished everyone a Merry Merry Christmas delight!