A decent meal is generally accompanied with a heavy dose of someone’s religion when you are eating shelter fare. The preaching generally comes after the meal, but today Christmas Eve, it would come before and after. Depending on the shelter, the message was sometimes harder to swallow than the biscuits. Alas, the price one pays just to get something warm in their belly. Samuel was not a religious man nor was he inclined to become one over hunger. He had seen too many things in this life of sixty plus years that could have gone a lot differently had there been someone out there of a higher power running interference! At least for him sitting through preaching’s of forgiveness and the promises of a better afterlife were just the price he had to pay for soup of a known origin. His goal today, yesterday and tomorrow was just to survive and worrying about whether things would get better or worse was not on the agenda. Samuel did not blame his current state of destitution on not following the right path versus the wrong path. No, he had no one to blame but him and him alone for his current state of affairs, and in accepting that fact, he had a whole lot more peace with himself than any he could derive from idolizing about reaching someone else’s promised land! If asked how he got here, he would readily admit better choices might have yielded a better outcome. Chances are, one betting on Samuel’s chances of being a model citizen years ago, would not have perceived this happening to him. Yet there he was; a man with handful of change in his pocket, no home, no insurances and one hand praising Jesus smiling wondering when the soup would be served.