The sign on the shelter wall had gone unnoticed by Samuel. He had been wondering in and out of reality all day having been driven indoors by sub zero weather holding the city under siege. Times like this brought out the best and worse in the care givers watching the streets. You could argue all you wanted but if they truly wanted you off the street you were going somewhere. Seldom did you end up in jail, after all, that cost money and no one wanted to waste money on some cold homeless person. So as Samuel sat quietly minding what little mental business he needed to attend to, on the far side of the room a group of do gooders huddled, talking quietly and acting like they needed to find someone. Samuel could only dread what they were up to because when they all stood up they turned and looked at him. It was then that he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder, followed by a “Hello, I am Pastor Bennie.” If really questioned when exactly his homelessness had begun Samuel would be at a loss to tell you, but after that hello, he knew today it ended. Apparently someone who had heard about Samuel’s bus accident had told this pastor the story and now there was a job offer and a room in a basement that went with it. Accordingly the pastor assured him that if Samuel did not drink and kept the pews and church clean some money and food support would also be part of the job; Samuel said yes. As he was leaving with the pastor, that sign on the wall caught his attention. It read, “I am not worried about tomorrow, God is already there!” Maybe so, Samuel thought; just maybe so.