A loud mechanical rumbling beneath his seat awaked him with a stir. Clearly the second Jack and Coke had done the job and eased him off to sleep shortly after the takeoff making his departure as painless as the island arrival had been promising. Gaining his senses he slowly became aware of the view outside and was suddenly overwhelmed by it declaring,    “ Oh God I am back.” Feeling the muscles in his neck tighten and stomach turn his immediate reaction was to cover his eyes, take a deep breath and hope with all his heart the last six months had not been a dream. Reaching blindly under his seat he felt the satchel full of manuscript and breathed a sigh of relief. It had taken him three weeks of solid work reconstructing what Mama had tossed off the balcony and if he had to admit it, the rewrite was even better than the first. The realization though those beaches of sand were now semi dark fields shrouded in white pristine early morning snow was chilling and quite unsettling. As was the idea, this once sleek high-speed airliner had turned into a clunking lumbering luggage carrier plopping along over cracked cement approach lanes. Two airliners in the process of being de-iced set that reality in a hard frozen fog it would be hard to deny anytime soon. As the engines whined down to a mild hum and the cabin lights came on with a blazing abruptness, the stewardess clicked-clicked her microphone and politely announced, “ Welcome to Milwaukee, the temperature is three below and we are expecting a high today of seven.” It was then that he felt a hand on his right wrist slowly begin to squeeze very hard.  “ Mama scared, she has never seen snow before”