“ He has a living will you know,” said a voice from the darkness. “ His family is coming in this afternoon and I think between you and me the time has come to pull the plug. This guy has been swirling the drain now for two weeks! Look at him. Dudes vegetable city; seen lettuce with more life.” Leonard could hear the voices but there was no meaning to them. Swirling drain? Vegetable? They meant nothing to him as he replaced a nine iron in his golf bag. His drive had went short and to the right and he soon found himself standing atop a small ravine overlooking railroad tracks wondering if he should climb down the hill to get the ball lying directly between two railroad ties partially coved by grass or just let it go and take the stroke. The voices interrupted his thoughts again, “ We don’t say stuff like that in front of the patients. You know if he could hear you how upset he would be?” A large thud ended the voices and paying no mind to them he climbed back in the cart and proceeded toward the green to putt. As he approached the massive green of a most luminous color another voice came from memory or mind or reality; he could not be sure. “ You are going to get a mulligan Leonard!” A mulligan he said to himself. “ A do over,” said the voice and as he thought about the word “over, ” the clubs, the cart, the green and the most lucent white ball began to slowly fade away. Leonard felt himself fighting to stay where he was. No he thought I like this. I really like this; where is everything going? I want to stay here.