Leonard awakened to the scribbling sounds of a tall slender man in a white coat writing notes on a clipboard encircled by several equally clad minions. Laying the clipboard on the bed he moved closer to Leonard and took a small handheld flashlight and shined it right into Leonard’s eyes. “ You are one lucky son-of-a-bitch Mister Watermelon. Few people on life support have their plug pulled and start breathing on their own; and according to these results there seems to be no permanent damages. A little therapy and you will be just fine.” Leonard could not be sure, but he thought he heard a few muttered wows from the minions. Reaching down and picking up the clipboard to write more notes the doctor then rehung the clipboard on the wall and left with his entourage in tow. The hospital room was alive with beeping apparatus and fancy monitors hanging from the ceiling but all Leonard could hear were the words, “pulled the plug!” They actually pulled the plug? His thoughts were jumping between his new reality, the golf courses, bus rides, clouds, light and darkness, moments of extreme pain and all those inexplicable voices. Alone now all he could hear was the sycophantic beeping of some kind of machine bedside dispensing lines of squiggly red and blue. Leonard existence was now a seismic report! Moments later he felt the presence of someone else in the room but after turning his head to both the left and right could make out no one. Later that evening a nurse asked Leonard who had been writing on the clipboard at the foot of his bed. Leonard told her a group of Doctors he thought. Strange she said, who would write this? “ Heaven is a gated community; better luck next time.”