The candy bar gang met at the Heath Bar on Thirty-second Street right before Easter. Chunky Monkey called the meeting to order and Kit Kat seconded the motion. Idaho Spud moved that the miniatures be accepted, tasted and approved and that new business be addressed immediately. Cup of Gold was the first to speak. “Speaking for my fellow confectionaries; we got a problem with the new sugar frees’!”  Aero just could not wrap her head around the idea of sugar free bars. Almond Joy was decidedly upset with the sweetmeat as well. Baby Ruth was inconsolable and Bar None asked if there really was anything that could be done.  5th Avenue suggested they bring in the noted Doctor Pepper for their next meeting to better explain all this sugar free stuff. The Hundred Thousand Dollar Candy bar wanted to know how much that would cost. Milky Way sneered, ” Everything is about the money to him.” The Hershey Bar delegation including Almond Toffee, Creamy Caramel and Special Dark all nodded their approval of the speaker’s suggestion. Idaho Spud shook her head in dismay that she might be less sweet someday. Unknown to the group was that Lady Godiva had already gone sugar free, so she slowly moved quietly closer to the door when the subject came up so unexpectedly. Reese’s Pieces standing beside her noticed something was wrong but did not say anything. Chunky immediately called for a unanimous vote to protest the new offering and suggested the next meeting be held at the Clark Bar. Galaxy protested and said that was to far for him to travel in the summer and suggested the Bar None; which was just across the street. Kit Kat seconded the motion and they all adjourned to the machine in the lobby for snacks.