We die at all ages; peacefully, suddenly, unexpectedly, belatedly, beloved, alone and surrounded as former residents of one place or another. The causes of our cessation are as numerous as firefly flashes on a warm summer night. Hearts give out, lungs fill, and cancers overcome. We trip, fall, sink, succumb and pass hither into the unknown kicking screaming and without a whimper amidst the prying crying curious eyes of those whose time has not yet come. Time passes way to quickly in the blinks of remembering eyes. We live longer not dealing with our regrets than we do with being content with our successes. We have our hands held, our foreheads blest caressed and signed all the while drawing with an empty pen our last breath on a palate that was once yours truly. No hour of day or night, weekday or weekend is immune to our passing. The lucky take more chances than they take times playing it safe. A few will get caught just that one time and their lives will become set in stone as a warning that; “ It could happen to you to!” For romantics all are born carrying an empty valise we fill with stories we share in part or whole with the ferryman as we pass to the other side where we will find the eternal peace that eluded us in this lifetime. For the nihilist we eat, sweat, suffer, lie, propagate and pass into darkness and are done. Even the most oblivious wonder if there is a gate out there and a gatekeeper keeping a tally of all the good and bad; that was once us. Most really do believe in angels but not the other place where torment and torture for eternity are the punishment for a life of unbelief.