Her thunder slowly moved though the room in cat like cadence aware and in danger of his lightning. Several times during their stormy barrages a slamming all-powerful respected gavel called to order both sides with stern flashes of insight. Each promising blind obedience and apologetic refrain for his or her incursions hoping to get just one step of doubt ahead of the other should unexpected circumstance come to light. All the while an instructing stenographer of explicit dexterity noted, reread, striked and resurrected particular words scribed with tape-recorded accuracy. Smiles and adjunct nods of approval and dismay flew from face to face in the seated box of ineligible contestants convened to judge the proceedings while eyewitnesses of less that perfect recall assembled unsworn in an anteroom waiting for their final summons. Sworn good-fellas ready to recant and reconstruct memories fleetingly caught as thunder and lighting questioned their subpoenaed shallow minds with maybe you saw this or maybe you missed that again and again. A calmer than usual audience neither participating nor enjoining in the procedures sat just seats beyond the dividing rail of conviction and innocence; only once breaking silence that late summers afternoon to hem and haw and subdue a burst of smug laughter as the accused denied with the full body language his wrongdoing. Outside the street traffic ebbed and flowed in both directions under the direction of the town’s one traffic light. North moved south and south moved north in un-blemished fashion. The accused once closing his eyes and stepping outside into one of the moving cars wished he were just a passer by. Lighting struck however at that exact moment and as thunder rose to accompany and object badgering, fleeting birds outside the courtroom window carried him back to a domain of guilty or not.