Youth is for first times, new things, ouches, boo boo’s and because I said so. Middle age is for your best years, having no time, feeling all grown up, taking chances, and questioning old ideas that for too long have been accepted as the truth. Old age is for foot stools, long walks with walking sticks, moments not your own and thinking about chance meetings that might have changed how you got where you are today. Youth has no idea how to wait. Middle age understands waiting patiently but only for a reason. Old age has waited long enough and is wondering why it did. Youth inherently does not like taking orders. Middle age is all about orders; learning how to give them, understanding what the hell and why the hell there are orders in the first place and being responsible for carrying them out. Old age is for getting things in order period; just in case. Youth never turns around and thinks anything about the value of experience. Middle age likes having some experience. Old age is surrounded by so much experience it is almost smothering. Youth looks to the future with anticipation. Middle age looks to the future with trepidations. Old age looks to the future with forebodings. Youth has no past to consider. Middle age has but a short past that seems longer than it actually is. Old age looks to the past as a minefield of memories that can bring both joy and sadness. Youth is brazen, bold and untamed. Middle age is calmer with an unknown sense of urgency. Old age is dozing and getting away with it. Youth is in awe of once upon a time. Middle age dismisses once upon a time. Old age is soon to be; once upon a time.