Time stretches, yawns and takes a hundred bleary second eyed looks at the clock the night before the cab ride to the airport. Later as the cab pulls up to the airport time goes quiet while luggage is extricated from the trunk; then it throttles down to slow-motion for the  “ I, forgot something,” cry. Fluorescently adorned airport time reminds us others are already here and you must certainly be late as you push bags under counters while your carry-ons cling to avoid being separated. Could time slow down any more as we untie shoes, zip open computers and catatonically stare ahead non-pulsed while x-rays delve into our deepest organ functions? Once re-shod an imaginary gun fires and walking turns into a sprint down gate oriented corridors in a last minute run for our flight to beat clicking gate microphones making last minute gate revelations. Time once settled on board disembarking planes firmly recalls points of reflection, regrets, mistakes, missed cues and ones chances of actually getting there in what appears to be a massive piece of steel you hope someone took time to build right! Time always flies first class but every now and then it goes back to coach and sips straight gin out of little curiously shaped bottles while complaining about legroom. Once off the plane and veiled in a throng of ticket clasping minions, time rushes into the wild blue yonder until coming to a crashing halt at the baggage carrousel. A loud buzzing no time at all get out of my way warning energizes an oval communion of rubber and steel that promptly begins displaying an assortment of colored bags. Arrivers suddenly hit panic button time searching the numbered claim tickets hoping for a quick match. Time later that day is quiet and arrived.