On dusty leathered saddles ride cowboys emeritus fandangling whirling lassos launched to capture little doggies. Crackling public address systems herald their accomplishments through the voices of rodeo announcers long since retired, as cheers from awed spectators rotate over and over again with each year’s new offerings. Across town on solid ground freshly knee replaced elevator operators long for walls of push buttons and the rushing waft of fresh air gushes from opening floors. Soldiers and sailor’s home from the final battle on Becker Street sit and stare out windows wondering if they will ever find peace in the past again while silently sifting though time worn memories that will not go away. Two floors above, retired dairymen long for the sound of glasses rattling in wire hangers as they pick up cartons of freshly waxed bovine produce and lament over jokes about affairs they never had. On the docks bar stools, salty sea captains and deckhands tie one on and argue over who pulled in the biggest catch and of course about the one that always seemed to get away. Portly bankers amused over stock indices review aged old portfolios while fondling gifted fifty-year pocket watches at a local Denny’s that runs CNN twenty four-seven. Calloused bruised and camel cigarette stained carpenter hands pick up morning papers on Carson street and dream about buildings long gone that once set atop cement pours that still give their aged backs cause for pause. Book smart teachers call role to rooms full of vivid memories of a sea of faces at the library while paying twenty-five cent fines for books long overdue. Bartenders call last rounds while polishing invisible glasses holding latte’s at Starbucks. Bleary-eyed watchmakers count tics and tocks looking though tri-focaled eyes awaiting the sounds of silence for them all.