Tyler Danville carefully lit the cigarette cupped between his chilled hands while maintaining a steady draw on his self-rolled ciggy. In one continuous inhaling exhaling motion he created a large clear bluish white pale of smoke, as the flame lit off the tobacco enveloping him is an eerie fog that temporality obscured him from the waist up. Pulling his lower lip in he could taste errant strands of tobacco. He then pursed his lips carefully spiting them out onto the pavement. As the smoke cleared Tyler replaced the matches in his coat pocket and surveyed the street around him for a bus. The four thirteen was in the process of negotiating a tight turn onto Magnolia two blocks away and although the destination box atop the front of the bus was still unreadable he knew it was his bus. He figured he had about two and a half minutes if the bus made at least one stop before reaching him to finish the smoke. Taking a long deep drawl on the burning branch of tobacco it sizzled and popped as the end of it flared reddish brown. The cell phone in his back jeans pocket suddenly came alive, but he was in no hurry to answer as the smooth rush of nicotine made its’ way though his body. Finishing the smoke was his number one priority before the bus got there. Fastest way to get a bus to show up was to light a smoke. A minute later as he lifted his right leg to board and before grabbing the bus handrail he took one long last hit almost burning his fingertips. Flicking the stub out into the street he reached into his pocket for his bus pass and was gone. Minutes later the ember died in the stree