Somewhere is a place to go. Somewhere can be over the rainbow or the keys you thought you lost forever sitting underneath the couch that on a whim you gave to someone who had no couch. Somewhere un-arrived is always enchanting. Somewhere arrived is lost innocence forever. Someone can be a person to go somewhere with. Someone somewhere is going to help you through something that has not happened to you yet. Someone else is waiting to steal for or from you, love you and maybe be your hero. Something might happen to reverse that fate and instead of them being your hero you could very easily end up being theirs. Something’s never change no matter what we try to do. Sometimes Karma is a nasty mistress who makes everything right in the end reinvigorating our faith in mankind. Sometimes Karma does not. Someday is never that far away for most of us; but for others will never come no matter how close it may seem. Sometimes we all loose faith and sometimes we find it in places we never thought we would. Something’s may never work out as you might have them planned in your head; and that is both good and bad. Sometimes things work out in ways we do not understand and in those times we find having strength in something greater than ourselves is better than not. Somewhat is a perspective we all carry with us that is filled with doubt; as in he was somewhat confused, misguided, perplexed or annoyed. Some do and some do not. Somehow it all works out in the end; sometimes. Somehow though despite our best efforts, the sum of it all is that what was meant to be; despite our wants needs and desires to have something else happen.