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Geo's 299's


Little sister Abby never had any real opportunity to be the first at anything. Her older sister Corrine made sure of that. Corrine was on base first, no matter what the game; no matter what the challenge. CC, as they called her, was always the first to smile for the camera and always the first to shine wherever the party lights came on. She, not Abby, would be the one with reflections of adorn in her glasses. “Little sisters never get the chance to be the first one” Mother would say.  “For my whole life” Abby would ask? “Shush now. Be good.” Be quiet, is what she would hear. “How cute,” “How sweet,” never rang in Abby’s ears? Until now, when the race to be first was over and there was no trophy, only tears standing in line greeting the first to arrive. Abby remembered how jealous she was…

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