Paths go in all directions; one way or another. Paths are a way to go and a way back from. Paths are worn. Paths are planned. Paths are strayed from, looked for and seldom just by coincidence. Paths are defined by both those who take them and by what happens when they do. Paths let you know you are not the first to have gone this way or that. Paths have the potential to grow into roads if enough people follow them. Paths taken ill advised can lead you astray or lead you somewhere maybe you should not have gone in the first place. Paths can offer the timid explorer security or certain calamity. Paths are curvy, straight, winding, windy and sometimes hidden. One can take the path that is well worn or strike out alone and carve a new one. The garden path is nothing to be led down for the young or naive. One can take the path of least résistance but if providence were thy guide in terms of learning anything new you never learn things worthwhile from doing so. Some adventuers find solace in a beaten path well worn by the travelling of others. To have carved your own path however is an accomplishment that will be admired and copied. A pathfinder is always a leader. A career path should never be carved in stone. A flight path is nothing to be deferred from. If by chance you cross one’s path it can either good or bad. A path can also be defined as suffering from a specific illness or feeling; a neuropath, a psychopath and of course pathetic! If people beat a path to you door you are onto something. If one goes on the warpath however when they do; maybe not after all!