Getting over something is always harder for the person doing the getting over than it is for the person wishing they really would. Being under the influence is considered bad. Gone does not always mean never coming back; but when I think of her returning it means just that. Over and over is just another way of saying the same thing. You can be under a spell and not really know. Gone is a way of avoiding being in the here and now. Over is not exactly being there; as in the case of over there. Water under the bridge is a metaphor for over and gone. Over never quite describes how you feel about your first lost venture at love. Under certain circumstances some things can take on opposite and quite unusual meanings. Gone for good has finality to it that reminds one to never ignore it. In business under construction now means the project could be in a state of limbo for a long time. After we are all gone things they say will be different; highly unlikely. A cow never ever jumped over the moon. Under construction is a poor excuse for an unfinished web site. Gone to town in the old days was a way of saying in a polite way someone went to a bar; today it means just getting busy. Over the valley and thru the woods was a common description of how to get to grandmas house. Under the limit means you still have a way to go. Gone fishing denotes you are taking it easy. Over the limit means you have had to many. Getting in just under the limit though means this time you lucked out. Over, under and gone is the culmination of how things stand, stood and where.