Good news boarded the six forty-five out of Kensington with direction and purpose. Making her way to the lead car with carry-on in tow she checked the time while doing a quick mental run down of her freshly garnered list of birth announcements, job promotions and cancer free scans.  Once seated she relaxed and pulled her briefcase of good news against her side closely and smiled. All was right with the world and if all went according to plan she would be twelve minutes early for her first appointment in the city. Smugly smirking; “Dam right good news travels fast!”  Bad news several cars back was already on board and traveling at the same speed; mind you, staring out the window and doing just the opposite of what good news was doing. No going over his fresh list of cancer scans, birth announcements, and job promotions and in no way pulling the bag containing the announcements closer for safe keeping. “It is all in the way you look at it!  I will get there when I get there,” he said under his breath as he looked at his watch. Good news always liked to hang around and feel the joy. Bad news seldom did. Bad news quickly exited once the words where heard, slash paper read or the tap on the shoulder carried out.  Justice, injustice, fairness and not fair at all sat about halfway between the two in an open rail car and laughed as they watched the antics of both good and bad news. ” Did you see the hurry good news was in? How about how bad news is just sitting back their sipping coffee all alone? Neither of them knows without us nothing matters.” “Yeah,” fairness said. Without us how will they ever know the difference?