Occasionally we all get an unexpected tap on the shoulder.  If we are smart we turn stop and pause and take the next step very cautiously. Fate often comes knocking but more often than not we ignore her, forgetting that our lives can change if we stop what we are doing and pay attention. Lives and lifetimes fade away one breath at a time. Fate is polite and patient. She often waits her turn in a long line of events you call your daily life only to have you pass on the chance to meet her. She often finds a way to get back in that line again. Fate knows how long the line is. You do not, so when she finally does get her turn to offer you a chance meeting or a one-time event you never expected or that stuff that never happens to you, please pay attention. And be ready if that long list of things you need to do so badly such as stop on the way home to get milk or cut the grass for a neighbor or lose five pounds or maybe have that red spot on your arm checked on saves your life or makes your day. Although she comes in due time and she comes often enough you might think if you skip this chance you can catch her next time; remember fate knows how long the line is you do not.  Do whatever it takes.  Some say fate is a hinter, a joker, a nudger, a pusher, a guider and maybe a one shot this is your time king of karma. One should think of her as your chance to jump the tracks. A chance to step away and dive into being who you were always meant to be. Fate