The convention of three syllable words and run on sentences was advertised on all the parochial television affiliates and this assembly of alphabet characters was being regarded as the most principal happening the capital had seen in a very long time. Stimulus, one of the convention presenters silently assembled her speech while quietly sitting alongside talkative and lackluster in the back seat of the vehicle sent to fetch them all to the event. Their driver meticulously pointed out numerous places of interest as the car proceeded through the city but she found herself paying little attention to the verbiage because although she had not felt uneasy when she had awoken this morning, the closer she got to the arena the more she had begun to anticipate what the day was going to be like and it had left her with a new feeling of trepidation. The convention itself had been on her calendar for several months now and the telegram that notified her she was going to be presenting was securely clipped to the top of her speech. This almanac renowned conference of three syllable words and run on sentences would at worst be amusing for most of the attendees and the big push to bring as many three syllable words into the convention hall as possible to break last years syllabic attendance record was getting intense. Outside the arena however numerous collections of words were clustering around the principal entrance carrying placards and cryptograms protesting the event. The reality that the convention was boycotted by sentences because they had not gotten the partnership they needed in arranging the event was hysterical. Stimulus may have been hesitant about crossing a picket line but the idea a few run on sentences could shut the whole thing down was very sad!