Scented candles perched on shelves, tables and any flat surface that could hold them gave the crime scene an eerie feeling of better times. Upon closer examination however the outlined chalk mark of a body between the couch and coffee table would quickly dispel that notion. The room was aromatically baptized in patchouli, fresh apple pie and Ihrams House of Candles newest scent,” Christmas Morning,” plus an additional unusaly strong scent of fresh spent gunpowder. Two detectives awash in Old Spice after-shave and Ax body wash fit right into place with what must have smelled to any passerby like a room people had parties in; not succumbed in! What had happened in the night before remained a mystery; yet in a hands on knees search for missed clues Ax man while running his hands under the couch in large sweeping moves suddenly proclaimed eureika !  “Ah ha,  a hand full of candy bar wrappers.” “ I would be careful doing that,” cautioned Old Spice, scribbling down names written near the phone. “Why? This could be crucial evidence! Maybe someone missed something?” ” You have been watching too many crime investigations on television. Besides, I heard of a guy who did that hand under the couch thing and when he pulled his hand back he was missing fingers. Apparently the family dog had been hiding under the couch and took the intrusion personally!” The rookie came to his knees sufficiently rebuffed; walked over to the window and tossed the wrappers in a can beside the couch diverting his attention to the window. “You got to admit they had one hell of a view.” Lying on its side in a small pool of dried blood was a candle dislodged from somewhere in the room. Apparently you never see the first candle coming.