Make a wish Betty had her future all mapped out. Her Prince Charming; the key character of said future would arrive in just a nick of time and at the key moment of crisis in her life and whisk her away from tumble weeded Texas, whereas of late felt she persistently tied to the railroad tracks facing her impending doom! That he would appear on white horse was a given!  Stand Tall Stan her Prince Charming in waiting however, was more adept at sucking down high calorie sodas; addressing his acne one eruption at a time and playing shoplifted video games more than being anyone’s idea of a Prince in waiting. Among his many not so attractive characteristics; he hung on to clothing well beyond the uniqueness of any style, wore sweat stained T-shirts without notice and had an addiction to Mountain Dew that set him apart from most all other potential Princes laboring at the Overland trucking academy; but he had potential. “Got to have, my Dew!” was his motto. If Stan had dreams of a lady in waiting the criteria were a bit more realistic; breathing and at least one good eye! Yet their chance encounter outside Perms drug store where Betty has just refilled her monthly medications came at precisely the moment make a wish Betty might have predicted. Betty had a flat tire and Stand up Stan driving an eighty-six-ford white mustang had just walked out of a convenience store when he spotted the flat and Betty. As Betty stomped and stammered about the deflated tire under neon glowing lights Stan with soda in hand motioned for her attention and mouthed the words, “Do you have a jack?” Looking up, Betty saw him and as they say; the rest of her life was history.