Rambling in a murmuring circuitous loop about life, reality and upcoming snow storms a sidewalk beggar held out his plastic red cup remaining motionless as the world passed him by one step at a time. His viewpoint of modern humanity escaping the cultural district was that of a block of movers and shakers on the go. A bolting horde devouring their nicotine’s while reaching into pockets for parking vouchers. Luckily for him the theater exhaling its patrons was Les Miserable. A play he had full cognition of that portrayed populaces begging for their very breath; it would bode him well. More than one passing him tonight feared seeing themselves sitting there with one leg stretched out and the other missing, albeit hidden under his worn gray relined coat and think that could be me; pay the karma gods to make it never be me. He had given up on signs, asking and even looking up from where he sat on the icy curb long ago even though he had only placed himself in their path fifteen minutes ago his ass was already cold. Might help if he had winter underwear. But that was a bin for a different day to be sticking his humanity into. A sailor in dress blues attached to a thin overly perfumed string of hair, coat and high heels stopped and reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty and placed it in the red cup. “You see this all over the world,” he said to her.” “Not supposed to see it here; Hey buddy you a vet?” he called out in a loud voice. Looking up the street beggar smiled a toothless grin and replied, “Nam.”  Moving on without saying anything more the sailor tightened up his coat and thought of the worst.