Virtual reality pseudo samurai warriors battling for territorial supremacy amidst digitally drawn backgrounds highlighting fire expelling dragons in three-D.  Victory and failure securely ensconced in the hands of adolescents seduced by the lighting quid pro quo interactions of mind over physical controller. Fair game winners; resolutely gyrating digital high fives on thread bare couches twisting and thrusting their strained deliveries with each blow by blow fake punch kick and sword swing. Victorious in battle, victorious in wasted time; deferring their own real life experiences for a feeling of being in-control of a world were in-control is nowhere at all. Tap dancing reality burners who get no second play at real life living as digital caballeros only a reset button away from fresh lives and newer challenges. Nomads crossing the desert borders with no need for provision’s; sans an occasional real time bathroom break.  Ah, so goes the moments surrendered for nothing more than flashing lights eschewed in milliseconds called, their gamer lives. Electrified stoners whom in day’s past would have had no trouble answering the question, “Who’s your daddy?” Blind mice seeking their own fare halls of Shangri-La through concentration so deep it burns corporate logos in their sweating palms laying bare their attention spans for only the quickest stimulus response puzzles. No time for the tedious page by page learning of ink on paper. Voyagers that only a few generations ago would have gone broke expending their self-gained riches acquired from grass mowing, snow shoveling, and tipped mothers’ purses. Oh, ye noble players seek not your conquest in the electric digital field of three-dimensional illusion. Alas poor Ureic, is their no hope? Cannot we pry away their attentions with what is real in life? Or are we doomed to foster a generation bored by nothing left to do?