Karen Charles got comfortable in her chair and looked for a pen to jot down a number she needed to remember. The pen was hidden in a workspace camouflaged by papers, insurance forms and post it notes and she was not in any mood to play hide and seek with it. Already overwhelmed by Doctors, unpulled records and lab result requests, Karen’s fond memories of a weekend at the beach were slowly getting buried under the crashing tide of another hectic Monday. Several familiar faces had already arrived for appointments. Mrs. Caruso would be first regardless of when she arrived. Getting her and her sick twins out of the office was a priority. The little ones were sneezing and spraying the room with a viral miscellany only super antibiotics had any chance of culling. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Winston entering the office. Quickly checking her list of appointments for Doctors Perkins, Pleasewell and Predacious she quickly deducted Winston had an appointment; but with which Doctor? That is his third visit this week, and Doctor Perkins will have a fit if he gets Winston and has to deal with imaginary angina again!  No sooner had she noted Winston, than Miss Violet Pennington appeared in the doorway.  As Violet made her way to a seat, Karen nodded her head acknowledging the arrival. Sue the lab technician interrupted Karen’s thoughts with,  “ So how many sticks today?” Karen in a soft voice, said, “ let us hope those two do not stick together!” Looking into the room Sue saw Violet and Winston chatting. “ Oh my, can you just imagine them a pair! They could bankrupt Obama Care out of existence!” Both girls chuckled, as Karen slid the receptionist window open and said,    “ Mrs. Caruso!”