It was a D cell nightmare for Detective Eveready; two dead lithium Ions and an empty pack of triple A’s. The fact the uncharged were still on the lamb did not sit well with the usually shrink wrapped Eveready who now was asking everybody he knew for leads. As he remembered, last night he could feel some serious battery acid forming in his stomach!  The whole thing had started with a call from his partner Flash, whose Doctor had just told Flash he was terminal. Eveready had always thought those late night trips for snap charges and all night reading parties would catch up with Flash and he was right! So when Eveready found Flash tossing down shots at the Flash Light Battery Bar he knew the worst had happened. Flash explained he had run into a cute couple of C cells when out of no where some lithium Ion types showed up and wanted to take the cells out for a bit of bunny rabbit hunting. By the time Eveready had showed up, Flash was laid open behind the Bar with his cap unscrewed, a cracked lens and dimming bulb; his party over. The two Ions spent cases fully discharged. Reaching into his battery pack he pulled out an extra bulb, but there was little he could do to put the spark back in a rambling partner. Positive goes forward, negative to the behind, size does matter, and obviously direction is important and never forget, C never goes where D goes. Eveready looked around the Flash Bar for witnesses. Two square batteries at the bar getting a flash charge had nothing to say. Leaving the bar he called back, “ Your time will come; next New Year you two will be in the hall closet in a smoke detector!”