The infant found the tumbling load of damp laundry entertaining. Strapped into a car carrier and situated firmly on the folding table in front of an array of circular plexiglas screens the little one giggled and pointed at the toppling assortment of colors. Her mother sat beside her fidgeting with a checkbook, while smoking one cigarette after another. Between the family finances, wash, baby and the occasional reach into her pocket for dryer change the mother seemed perplexed and overwhelmed. Noticing that the child’s blanket had become dislodged however, she snubbed her cigarette out on the floor with her foot and attended to the child as if the baby were they only thing on her mind.          “ They can teach you in school that the Normand’s invaded England in ten sixty six, but how to balance a checkbook? Forget it!”  Suddenly a fan above them began to rotate as Carl the maintenance man flipped on some switches at the door. Throughout the laundry several additional bright humming lights flickered on, pulling the baby’s attention away from the dryers and she began crying. Carl, holding a bag of fast food and small container of milk closed the door by kicking it with his foot and walked over to the baby smiling. He then pulled up a chair and sat down. The mother once again preoccupied with her checkbook, said nothing to Carl, but turned to the baby and began singing, “The wheels on the bus go around and round, around and round,” to calm the child down. A buzzing dryer then alerted the mother to check the dryer load. Stepping away from the table with a handful of fries in one hand and putting her free had on the door handle she pulled the door, releasing warmth into the chilly room.