My wallet is full of spies; they follow me wherever I go. Credit cards, debit cards, grocery store cards, sporting equipment cards all chanting away in a cacophony of informational bliss impressing companies near and far regarding details of my whereabouts and purchase’s. They spill their guts without the slightest hint of coercion. Just today when I bought donuts and coffee while unbeknownst to me as I slid my debit card they began chatting away like a bunch of five-year-old’s in Santa’s lap! First, they told the bank I was alive or at least someone posing as me was; using the card. Then they told the store adding up how many doughnuts they sell not just what I was buying but that I was a regular customer and to offer me a discount! On the plus side I think that helps them to have my favorite jelly filled on stock but more then likely because they know the next time I slide my card I also will need coffee. After that my blithering babbling bits of plastic enabled a credit company two thousand miles away to figure my credit score and to select for me a new master-card that specifically offers gym membership; because there is an algorithm that says people who eat donuts surely are in need a gym! Oh, and they were long from being done chit-chatting away. My bank let the local merchant association know an active customer was shopping in town. As my day went on the gasoline station recorded the total number of gallons purchased and readjusted their gas order. My hair dresser had her inventory updated and my lunch debit alerted the restaurants suppliers another Reuben had been sold. I am sure they made no mention if I liked the sandwich or not.